Baby Aa


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It’s been a year since I last post here. There has been many things that happened over the past year which I don’t even know where to begin.

Happy and sad events.

a near fatal fall of a close family member, a divorce in the family…. (sounds horribly sad, and now the good) E has started attending play school and the birth of our second son, Aa. *smile.

It is his birth that allowed everybody in the family to gain strength to tide through this tough year. His birth provided the hope for every one to move on with life.

E’s boundless energy and sweet nature distracted everybody in the family with laughter and pure delight.

The close relationship between both brothers warm all our hearts and souls…

Brother LOVE

Brother LOVE

For me, it provided me with ample distractions……

A new nursery to decorate & A cot protector to sew

Cot for Aa

A new receiving blanket for Aa

Receiving Blanket for AaThe fabric used is Nani Iro Herringbone pencil (Outer Layer) with organic white jersey and Echo by Lotta Jansdotta




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