re[thinking] : baby styles……

ever wondered why there are so little simple, elegant smart bibs and apparel for the little boys? i think my little man will be absolutely horrified with his mum when he looks through his photo album and realized he has been subjected to wearing horrific juvenile commercialized accessories i.e. bib.

hijacking mum’s trusty singer machine, i sought to customize my own bibs that even i would be envious to have. bibs with understated designs…….classy and sophisticated.

bibs were what triggered the whole ‘sew it yourself’ projects. Inspired by blogs like MADE, made-by-rae, purl bee i find myself with endless projects waiting to be executed in my head. normally it would be design of houses but it seems as though i have another passion (or obsession) and lucky for E, my adorable son, he will be my test model.

test project 1: front: 100% japanese cotton. back: fleece with cotton applique (zig zag stitch)


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