minkee stroller blanket

my little man is a bolster hugger.

he loves to rub his face on soft fabrics, smells it, hugs it…and fall asleep with it. as he got older, we started bringing him out more often. we started going for those lovely saturday brunches that we missed since E was borned.

i decided to make him a stroller blanket. one, just big enough to cover his scrawny little legs in the infant car seat/stroller and two, it has to be converted to a bolster when it is hot and humid.

i called this stroller minkee “the journey begins…..”.

i wanted to personalize the blanket and decided to try some hand embroidery at the same time! to continue the theme of the owls, i found an image of an older owl with a baby owl which i traced and hand embroidered. The blanket had about an inch of a border all the way around. taking the advise from here, i top stitched it twice to ensure sturdiness…..

i have to say, with how much he drools over it, this blanket gets washed nearly every other day and is still holding up quite well!

front: timeless treasure 100% cotton, brown dimpled minkee, fabric button, 100% embroidery thread


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