ashley’s diaper mat

the little tiger baby has grown up! no longer can she use the small little diaper mats and mummy needs a new one for her. w approached me to make one for A and since it was her birthday, it became part of her birthday present.

w chose this chirpy dr seuss fabric (another one!) and i got a binding of a contrasting colour to make the colours pop out.the diaper mat can be rolled or folded and fastened with a snap with an adorable dragonfly pattern.

front: dr seuss 100% cotton with anna maria horner binding, back: PUL waterproof fabric


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bouncingbean says:

    Love it!! Have been using it and so far it’s so easy to use 🙂 rolls up into a tiny roll too saves space in the diaper bag! thank u lib!! 🙂

    1. oktoberlib says:

      you are welcome! making handmade gifts for the little ones is very rewarding and heartwarming. i think i am going to make one for E too as he has started flipping and rolling around during diaper changing! argh!

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