how to: easy minkee blanket

_prewash all fabrics before you use. select and cut to size. i like to cut the minkee and place it over the fabric and trim the fabric from there. this is because minkee is a polyester and does not stretch. if you follow the dimples as a guide, it will make cutting a straight line easier.

_leave a border of 2 inches around the cotton fabric as you will be folding it in and creating a border on the side of the minkee. mark it with a fabric pencil and a quilting ruler. please ignore my double lines as i measured the first one wrongly (urgh!).

_place the minkee on top of the cotton, wrong sides together. i like to do thread basting, i.e. handstitching the minkee to the cotton. well, there are many ways to pin the minkee to the cotton fabric before you sew. as minkee slides and moves easily, it is necessary to pin it or stitch it quite closely so that you will have an easier time when sewing. i do thread basting as i tried pins and i kept prinking my fingers!

_another tip on handling a big piece of fabric is that you should roll the fabric as you stitch so that you do not end up have a back breaking time climbing over and stretching to stitch all round.

_once you have baste both minkee and fabric together, you can start folding the corners in. as the blanket is not very big, a 1 inch border is sufficient. don’t worry if it doesn’t align perfectly, you can adjust when folding the borders in.

_another tip to hold bindings while folding corners etc. is using the metal hair clips and clip them every 3 inches. you will see the picture of it later on.

_fold a triangle

_fold the fabric twice over and make sure that the 45 degree line and the corner is straight. this is achievable only if the perpendicular width is consistent with the other. clip the corner to hold it. continue all round the blanket.

_for the band, cut a strip of 3 inch matching fabric. fold the right sides together and sew a straight line with 1/4 inch allowance. turn the fabric inside out and iron the strap with the sewn line centred. top stitch all round.

_to fix the strap to the border neatly, slip the sewn strip under the binding. my minkee was designed to be rolled with the minkee exposed on the outside. you can reverse the band if you want the cotton fabric to be exposed on the outside.

_turn the strap upwards and clip it in place.

_start sewing a few inches from the strap. always start from the sides and not the corner for a neater finish.

_when i first started, i didn’t know how to do a neat line. i learnt to use parts of my sewing machine as a guide. first, the needle has been positioned to be set on the right side instead of the centre. second, i align the edge of the border to be on the side of the foot, did a quick measurement and it is approximate 1/8 inch from the edge.

_when you have sewn one full round, pivot the needle and sew a rectangle to the edge of the strap for added reinforcement.

_fix the snaps to the strap and you are done!

good luck with the minkee! i do not mind if you use the images from my blog to publish on yours as long as you link it back to mine. i would really love to hear on how you have fared on sewing your minkee and hope you enjoyed it as much as i do.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. yh says:

    very useful guide!

  2. Onebowl says:

    Love how u did binding for the quilt . Always thot that the only way to bind was using bias tape … Will try out using your way next time

    1. oktoberlib says:

      I did try the bias binding too but i found that the width of the binding is always too small for a minkee/ plain fabric. Also too much effort to do customised bias binding to match the fabric!

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