handmade: first (houndstooth) diaper cover

i just made a diaper cover for E! i have thoughts of him wearing just his diapers and diaper cover crawling around in the garden…..hmmm i think his grandma (my mum) will kill me….what if he catches cold?? but it’s singapore! its hot and humid……

alright, let’s visualise it again. i have thoughts of him wearing just his diapers, diaper cover and a singlet/ tshirt. very cute. it’s not really nicely done, but hey! it’s handmade with love!

i got these patterns from MADE. they are super easy to do but i am thinking of modifying the pattern where the cutting of the leg hole does not end so high (like undies) and to extend it a little like shorts. when i attempt the second one, i will share with you how i change the original pattern.

i love houndstooth and immediately bought these woven fabric. they are so soft, i just had to keep some to make more clothes for E with this.

did my first cutting of the fabric with the pattern. E is about 5.5 months and i used the size 3-6 months. i was a little skeptical about it initially as it looked HUGE! but, after sewing it, and testing it on him, it fitted him just nicely. phew.




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