heather ross stroller minkee

If you remember from my previous post, E loves his owl minkee. not only does he hugs it like a bolster when we are out, he likes to chew and drool all over it too! his love and passion for his bolster is insurmountable. sadly, the poor blanket always comes back in a bad wet stage. it is of no fault of E as he is teething..but it is impossible to bring the owl minkee out the next day as we have to throw it in the wash everytime!

so over the weekend, i made a new minkee for him. one that is bigger than the previous one since he is growing. 30″ square blanket. i always like to plan to cut my fabrics with sufficient leftover fabrics to either do diaper shorts from MADE or at least one of my many bibs for friends.

the minkee i am making this time is slightly different from the owl minkee….i will be using baby snaps instead of a fabric button and the process of making has been streamlined. i am really excited to use these fabrics from japan. it’s a mix of linen and cotton and i just love the graphics on the fabric.

the completed blanket

you can roll it inside out or….

outside in.

if you would like a ‘how-to’ make this minkee, feel free to check out my ‘how-to’ post. if you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer.


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