psst… guess what came with the post today

look what came in! my first japanese dress pattern books.

after working on the blankies and bibs etc for my little man…i decided to venture into making clothes for him!

now, now, i know the book i bought is for boys of at least 1m length (app. 1 year old) and E is only 6 months at about 65cm. but boys do spurt so fast and i want to have a library of patterns all ready when he is of the right age. actually, a library of patterns, buttons, fabrics…hmmm my stash is increasing, much to the dismal of mr. g.

I bought ‘she has a mannish style‘ as well as ‘boys and girls standard kids clothes‘.mind you, the kids clothes are not standard at all! there is a french Parisian feel  to the style of clothes and i think E will be one stylish baby, when i actually start making them.

these are the first 2 projects that i want to make. one, a top for myself and the other, a cap for E. watch out for the posts!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. yh says:

    the top looks good!

    1. oktoberlib says:

      I know! but when I opened up the pattern…..*horror* the japanese actually overlay all the patterns together! think i would have to colour my pattern and figure it out! scared…

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