how to: easy seam finish zig-zag way to heather ross bloomers

i have found another short cut in sewing bloomers.

after reading through numerous posts on finishing hems and finishing seams the ‘correct’ way, i decided that i was going to try sewing E’s next bloomer with my zig zag stitch. Instead of stitching the seam then using the zig zag on the edge of the fabric, i went straight to the zig zag. i found it super easy, where a single fold was sufficient. not only did the zig zag prevented the fabric from fraying, it also provided a decorative element to the bloomers. the zig zag is a very strong stitch and i know it as a matter of fact as i accidentally sewed it shut and forgot to leave an opening for the elastic. i took quite a bit of effort to undo the stitches!

if you are looking for the tutorial to do diaper covers, you can check out MADE or my previous post. i have modified the pattern a little where the front part does not cut too high up his thighs. think there is still room for improvement. i am going to adjust the pattern closer to this instead.

here’s a close up of the bloomers.


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