in love with: my fabric collection

when i first started sewing, i had this impulsive compulsive urge to buy fabrics after fabrics online. however, i had issues with how to store them. i used to put it in my mum’s place but they were all placed in cartons and impossible for me to keep track of all the fabrics i bought.

was googling over the web on the best way to store the fabrics and i stumbled on this, by the little green bean. fantastic idea of creating mini bolts of fabric, just like shops. i quickly went our local craft shop and bought foam core to cut them out. the foam core are 250mm height and 120mm width. this dimension would fit well to any bookshelves.

over the weekend, i have decided to bring it back to my place.

the fabric bolts quickly replaced my pottery and books. the cotton quilt fabrics were organized by organic/ non-organic fabrics as well as based on colors. it’s beautiful…sigh.

other fabrics such as PU laminate, canvas, terry cloth, scraps and big yardage (anything more than 1) are kept in a closed cabinet in the ikea organiser.

for future projects which has been cut and waiting to be sewn, they are packed in ziploc bags waiting for me to get my act together.


if you want more ideas, check out the extraordinary bree, apartment therapy and sew4home.


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  1. Wy says:

    So pretty!!!! Oh and I spy my order in orange and brown hooting out to you 🙂 heheh!

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