handmade: the yoshiko jinzenji figure 8 scarf

i want a lightweight summer scarf. something that i can wear to work and be an accessory to my monotonous wardrobe. i want the figure 8 scarf found in anna maria horner website.

i am using 2 of my fabric stash by yoshiko jinzenji – dashes and dot white &  grey. i have raved about her minimalist abstract pattern and quilt making here. i am now going to attempt to make a one-of-a-kind scarf.

the fabrics chosen are of the same pattern, but in contrasting colour. thought it would be interesting to have the reflection of the same pattern on the reverse side but of a different colour. that should create an interesting twist to the scarf when worn.

instead of the dimension stated in the website, i have decided to cut 4 inch wide and twice as long (2 pieces of 50cm width joined together) as i wanted it to be more like a necklace than a scarf.

finally while winding down from a 19 hour work/baby marathon, i managed to relax in my living room and hand sew the last bits of the scarf together.

here’s the finished product.


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