how to: baby bib with colour block straps

when I first started my first bib, I was looking through mum’s fabric stash to see what I could use for E’s bibs.

mum had these lovely hand towels of the softest touch that she have had for 3 years! she said she was waiting for the right moment. i had to convince her that the moment has come. they would make the best and softest bib for her beloved grandson.

alas, the towel is just a tad too small to make 2 bibs. putting on my architect’s cap, i decided to have the 2 straps made out of cotton – one of contrasting colour (actually some scraps mum had) and the other side the same fabric as the front (it is actually the centre portion of the fabric after you cut the shape of the bib).

those bibs were one of the first published in this blog. i made a few more after that in here and embroidered versions here too.

thought this time i would share with you my version of bibs with colour block straps. hope you enjoyed making them as I did. my template comes from purl bee.


_trace pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric and cut along the outline.

_pin the cut out fabric to the terry cloth right sides together

_when you cut the fabric along the traced bib template, it normally results a residual piece of fabric from the centre . I re-use this as one of the straps.

_ position the residual pieces of fabric on one side of the straps and pin.


_choose a contrasting solid colour cotton and align it to the other side of the strap


_i normally pin it such that the solid colour strap starts from the neckline onwards.

_sew both colour straps to the terry cloth (right side facing up) on one end. the side where the colour straps joins the terry cloth.


_starting from the side, sew the cotton fabric and terry cloth together, approximate 3/8 inch from the edge of the fabric.


_ stop sewing at the gap marking. here is a close up of the unsewn gap.


_ turn the bib right sides out through the gap.

_ here is the back of the bib


_ and the front…. nearly there….


_ topstitch along the perimeter with 1/4 inch seam allowance, closing the gap as well.

_ add snap ons to match ( or mis-match) and you are done!



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