the definition of drool bib

many months ago, when E was only 3 months old, I denounced categorically the functionality of drool bibs.

today, I would like to take my words back.

apologies to all mothers in the world who uses drool bibs.

3 months ago, E was NOT drooling. he was merely slobbering… i.e lots of saliva on his chin. and yes, the drool bib didn’t fulfill it’s task as I spent my time cleaning his saliva off his chin and thought a face towel was better than putting on a bib.

4 months on….. i wish to take my words back.

E is officially drooling at 7 1/2 months. and drooling (for the benefit of other innocent mothers, like i was) means dripping saliva down his neckline.

ah…. now I understand why we need drool bibs. they need to catch the drippy saliva. and, yes, we still got to continuously wipe their chin dry else they will get eczema. so you need a face towel AND a drool bib.


I made this for E awhile back which I have only used once. the pattern is from the nani iro website. very stylish. reckon I will be making a few of these!


I used cotton on one side, jersey (an old t shirt of mine) and a solid colour cotton scrap at the back.


i like the design of the straps a lot, especially the contrast colored block where the bib is to be tied together.

a very smart yet subtle design concept informed by its function. very japanese.

i like!


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  1. brannon says:

    do you sell your handmade items anywhere? I would love to order a few of these bibs, so adorable! I have been searching for a place to buy nani iro fabric bibs and I love how you did this one. Thanks so much for your time,
    brannon anderson

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