101 guide to juggling my time and be happy : if you have to buy it to make your life easier, hence happier, just buy it!

when i was younger (ok, i am not that old but it has been many years since i last said this), i always tell people that i would die with no regrets should i drop dead the next day. i am proud to say that till this date, i have done everything i ever thought of doing, whenever and where ever and whatever.

and i still believe that.

now that i have become a mother, this life philosophy of mine holds especially true yet at the same time exceedingly difficult to achieve. some days, i feel that if i drop dead the next day, there are still some things that i have not achieved.

there is just not enough hours in a day for me to do everything i want.

one of the things that frustrates me is finding time to sew.

i like to sew. but i can only do it after E sleeps. that’s normally around 930-10pm. thank god i don’t have to pump anymore. that would have been even more difficult as by the time i finished pumping, it would have been 11pm – time to sleep.

sometimes, just when i want to sew, my basic basic SINGER machine just fails me. the thread tension sometimes drives me insane. you would think that you are happily completing one project, nearly finishing sewing the whole article. once completed, you happily bring it up to admire it and lo and behold, you realised that the seams on the other side of the article is in a mess…….

that’s what happened to me last week and then again the day before and today.

rather than wasting time trying to fix it and pulling my hair out at the same time, i decided that i should just get a new one. why waste time being frustrated with a machine? sewing is supposed to be my pleasure/poison.

kind Mr G was witness to my foul mood over the week and offered to buy moi a new machine! something that can do more frequent sewing and thicker fabrics like blankets etc. – for mother’s day!


yes, boys and gals! i got a new toy. we bought a JANOME, a janome 2030DC from a shop in chin swee road. the boss did a demo for me. it was fantastic.

according to him, i have spoilt the SINGER. the gear is spoilt hence some of my stitches are longer and some shorter on both sides. hmmm…….sorry mum!

anyway, back to the JANOME. it was a beautiful machine. not cheap. but hey! you spend to make yourself happy. life is too short. some people buy a dehumidifier to maintain and keep their expensive bags, i like to buy a sewing machine to fuel my passion! haha

the dealer is going to deliver the machine as well as teach me how to operate the machine and use the quilting kit next saturday.

i am so very excited!


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