we got ourselves a new……….

time flies by so fast especially when you are trying to keep up with a growing baby…….i have been busy updating his wardrobes and accessories because this little guy is shooting up so fast!

E is growing taller and he is getting very uncomfortable in the infant car seat. So over the weekend we went to the mall to get a new front facing car seat for him. It’s a Maxi Cosi Priori XP.

of course, we had to make him a new blanket to match his savy turquoise seat.

also, we got ourselves a new Eames Fibreglass Rocker all thanks to Pomelo Home. couldn’t resist putting together a shot of 2 of my current loves………

he has also outgrew his 12 month old rompers. they were too tight to button. rather than use the new ones i bought over last christmas from carters online, i decided to improv and change his existing rompers to tops which match my diaper covers.
he has been a little rascal lately, refuses to wear a bib during meal times. when we finally put it on him, he pulls it out. if he can’t pull it out, he will try to take off his tshirt as well! i am not sure if this is a normal behaviour of a boy but I see a potential leader who is extremely creative and determined in making sure he achieves what he sets out to do. (uh-huh, i am trying not to roll my eyes while saying all these but it is said we must always view the antics of our children positively to get the best out of them) hence, i have decided we will only wear our new rompers when we go out.

and of course, you can see my new sewing machine in the background…sigh…i love it! i have been playing with the machine………

this is one of the 6 converted rompers to tops which fits just nicely with his new michael miller diaper cover!


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