nani iro drool bibs – my first sale

amazing…this post was first written in june 2012, 3 months down the road, i am only starting to pick it up to post on the blog. many events has passed over the past few months……….makes me treasure every single day i spend with the things i love, the people i love and best of all life.


june 2012

one fine day, I received an email from b, from chicago. she told me she loved the drool bibs I made for E that was published in this blog a while ago. also, she is a nani iro fan and asked if I could make a few for her son, O.

I was extremely flattered and i gladly agreed to make it for her 4mo baby O.

we chose from my existing nani iro stash and decided to make these 3 bibs.



bib from top to bottom: 1_nani iro 2012 collection Element Collage Knit (Asahoshi beige) with organic french micro terry backing. 2_ nani iro 2009 collection pocho with jersey backing. 3_nani iro collection 2009 with organic french micro terry.

i was pleasantly surprised that the knit was so so soft…….


just checked with her today and she told me that she has received the bibs and sent me a lovely picture of baby O wearing one of the bibs!


as I was making for baby O, I decided to make a playful version for E – a tutti-fruitti bib. saw the pic on etsy and thought it reminded me of the bib!

nani iro Pocho Double Gauze with scraps of fabric I had (which I don’t remember their name) as straps n organic micro french terry backing.

that’s E wearing his just last month, in aug 2012.

and yes, he is still D-R-O-O-L-I-N-G……


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