a cupcake, beer and prata party for a one year old boy

that was my invite, for E’s first birthday party!

totally not kiddy like, and i lurved it! i know one day, i have to embrace all birthday cliches with disney characters etc. when he learns to speak and voice his own opinions. at 12 months old, i am happy that the only thing he can vocalise is ma-ma (tat’s me), mum-mum (that’s food), ah-ma (that’s everybody else).

planned a home-made vintage style INITIAL party for him. E, E, E was everywhere……we had the wonderful help of his cousin, N……..for blowing balloons and entertaining all the little babies who came for the party. hope you enjoy the pictures.

set up before the guests came…..there’s our little helper, N! doing a star jump while we took the ONE wall!all, well most of it handmade……….thought a nice artisan beer was a nice touch for the adults!that’s yummy fresh prata (an indian bread to be eaten with curry!)my attempt to make the birthday cake – a recipe adapted from “bringing up bebe”its so hard to get those happy shots of him sitting still….this was the best amongst the 20 shots i took!


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