my life with Pinterest

I have been neglecting this blog……..

its been a year since I have blogged here…


E is 4 and AA is now 2. And, no, I don’t have anymore children since then…. HaHa . You will be seeing a few post dated blogs which will document my boys’ birthdays and a few things I have been dabbling around the house.

With the hectic life, I have to admit, words are few. Images reign. Fast, attention grabbing images wins the day. I AM OBSESSED WITH PINTEREST. Not instagram, not twitter….which I find these a  tad self absorbed.

Now –

PINTEREST is d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t.

My Pinterest account is a culmination of my life. All my interests (design, food, fashion and architecture), concerns of the moment, which includes house keeping in a green way, essential oil/ aromatherapy …as well as future projects are all documented in this. It’s pretty amazing.

I can maintain PINTEREST pretty much effortlessly…I do it while I am in the kitchen, in the taxi, in the car while stuck in the traffic, in the boys’ room at 930pm when I am trying to put them asleep, in the loo (I know that’s horribly unhygienic but it’s really one of my ME times in the day), while lying on the sofa whiling away my time waiting for the children to wake up from their naps, in the pediatrician’s office while waiting for our turn……

hmm..sounds like I have so much wasted time. yet, with Pinterest, these time has been enriched with ideas, inspirations. It is a window to another world, of current design trends which I can never get to travel and see it first hand in Milan, Thailand…….

I just figured out how to add the Pinterest Widget on my sidebar. IT DIDN’T WORK.

You can try this

Please enjoy the boards!



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