recap: 2014 Christmas. a DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Last year, me and my boys started a tradition to make our own christmas tree decorations. I did not want to spend too much money on the ornaments and was inspired by the pinterest from Emily Design Blog.

First, we chose a really really small tree………Something that was perfect for the children to decorate.


Then, to get the mood going, we brought out our Santa book and played Christmas Soundtrack on Accuradio *grin*


I bought these die cut stars meant for gift tag from the Etsy, took out some gold acrylic paint and got the kids to paint the stars! As E was only 3 and Aa 1, I tried to give them really simple tools to paint and made sure they still look good. The polka dotted stars were done with traditional eraser tipped pencil and the other was with a paint brush.


Next, we started assembling the pinecones. How can you celebrate christmas without them?! You can easily forage through your garden / nearby forest (lucky you) to pick up the pine cones, spray paint them to which ever colour you want. I live in the city and in the tropics. No fir trees for me nor forests.. haha .Got to get from the local garden storey in a bag – already painted.

I know there are many mummies out there that DIY right from the beginning. I am not going to apologise that I did a short cut. Hmmm….but the fact that I had to say it in this post says a lot about how I feel. ha ha.

It’s very easy. You just precut the floral wire to 7 cm lengths, bend them slightly and stick it to the top of the cones with a glue gun. I tend to like to have the hanging loops bigger for my children’s grubby fingers to hold on to and hang it on the tree.


That’s Aa on the left  and E on the right. They were very SERIOUS in helping mumming decorate the tree!


and…..(drum roll please…) Voila!

Our first Christmas tree…….



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