2015 christmas . a DIY christmas wreath

Feeling inspired by this…. on pinterest.

I decided to make my own christmas wreath…..

These are my materials

Got them under $20….at the local florist – Candy Floral

  • Reeded wreath
  • Cotton flowers
  • Evergreen
  • And florist wires

I wanted to do an asymmetrical wreath partly because I love the balance of the negative and positive spaces and of course, because it’s more economical!

In progress….. I find it very useful to hang the wreath up to assess how much it needs to be tweaked …

It started out like this

 Me and my girlfriends thought it was a little heavy at the bottom…..

 So I decided to shift the position of the hanger , to change the orientation of the wreath so it looks more dynamic….

  And finally added a little more foliage to the top to balance it up further. At the final adjustments, you don’t really need the wires anymore. Just need to stick the leaves into the reeded wreath.

You don’t need to water this at all because the materials chosen are hardy and look beautiful even if it dries out.

I might add a pine cone to it or even a couple of cinnamon sticks to the wreath at the base to ‘anchor’ it and give it a little of a festive omph to the wreath!

The nice thing about having a fresh wreath is the smell it gives out at night when you come home……. It really sets the mood of Christmas even when we are in the tropics!


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